Audit File Access

Audit File Access on Windows File Server

Native Windows file server and NetApp Filers auditing suffers from certain disadvantages that make tracking all Files, Folders, Permissions and Shares changes inconvenient and time consuming. This inherent complexity in auditing file server changes might lead to loosening of security measures resulting in serious threats to file servers and also precious business-critical data lying within. When it comes to tracking file server changes, auditing file access assumes greater significance because unauthorized access to files leads to a number of troubles that Admins may find themselves in. A hostile user has got access to file server – this kind of scenario can push even seasoned administrators to the brink of jitteriness. Because, this nightmarish situation can cause further trouble; the hostile user – the one who has no reason other than deceitful intention of harming file server environment, can cause further unwanted changes, such as file deletion, permission changes  modification, data leakage and a number of other unaffordable security situations.

Administrators cannot let the business-critical file server data, or for that matter, the file server itself, to chance. A reliable, tested and fail-safe method of file access auditing is required that can not only ensure security of file server environment but also help them to get required information for each changes when things are not extraordinary and are sailing through safe waters. LepideAuditor for File Server is a powerful Audit File Access tool that not only arms Admins to deal with critical situations but also provides a solid platform to audit Windows File Servers and NetApp Filers.

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The permission analysis feature offered by LepideAuditor for File Server displays all the historical changes done in the permissions of files and folders on the File Server. Also, it allows administrators to compare the permissions between the two time intervals.

LepideAuditor for File Server is provided as a part of LepideAuditor Suite. The software provides you absolute control over Windows File Servers and NetApp Filers in network while ensuring complete security of your digital data. No information in your file server can pass through the file server without your knowledge.

A seasoned administrator not only keeps the file server environment safe from the metal-tearing force of rough sea but also gives equal emphasis to corrosive force of slow and steady waves that may do equal damage if not more than towering waves of rough sea. For the same reasons, LepideAuditor for File Server not only generates alerts on critical changes but also provides full information of file access which includes who, what, when and where details for ordinary day-to-day changes on Windows File Servers and NetApp Filers.

Audit File Server Software offers a host of other benefits that include ability to do forensic analysis on a central repository of changes. You are not required to visit each file server and collect changes from there; instead, it can be done from this centralized platform. Also, it provides the facility of requirement centric auditing that prevents tons of logs being generated. You can configure a number of variables such as File server name, File name, File Type, Process, Drive, Monitoring time, Events, Directory, etc. to generate logs on specific events that should be audited.

You need not be a technocrat to handle this Audit File Access software; a normal business user can also use it without any special training. Audit File Access Software is available for free download as a demo version. Users can get direct download link to install the software, access its features and perform auditing of any number of file servers for a limited period of 15 days. If the software suits you after successful evaluation of its functionalities as per your specific requirements, you can request for the fully licensed version of LepideAuditor Suite by contacting our sales team. The fully licensed version is available for lifetime usage.

Key Features of Audit File Access Software:

  • Offers a centralized platform for archiving of all Windows file server and NetApp filers changes in the network.
  • Track and audit all changes done to Files, Folders and Permissions on Windows File servers and NetApp Filers.
  • Creates efficiency and saves resources by eliminating the need of maintaining individual file servers’ repositories in the network.
  • Find who, what, when and where information for each change with before and after value.
  • Real-time alerts on permission changes to prevent security breach and compliance violations.
  • Helps you to perform requirement centric auditing by configuring various parameters such as File Name, Monitoring time, File server name, File type, Drive, Process, Events, Directory, etc.
  • Generate built-in reports to offer complete information about each and every change.
  • User friendly interface that does not take much to understand the functioning of software.
  • Allows automatic generation and delivery of reports through email.
  • Save report in PDF, DOC, HTML and Text file.

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